Pipero: At this pace, Albania may be COVID-free within June

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After a difficult year, full of stress from the pandemic, May is giving positive signal. The daily positive cases have dropped, as the number of people infected by the COVID-19 virus is also getting significantly lower.

Infectionist Pellumb Pipero declared for A2 CNN that the improvement of the situation is dedicated to two main factors: the natural immunization, with a considerable number of people having already recovered from the virus, and also due to the high number of vaccinated people.

Pipero says that Albania has passed the critical phase. For this he refers to the lower number of emergency calls for COVID, and the fewer people who are receiving treatment at the COVID hospitals.  

Pellumb Pipero foresees that if the vaccination continues at this pace, Albania will be free of COVID-19 within the month of June.

He recommends experts to reduce the measures, while people should continue keeping masks indoors and in crowded places.