Muslim devotees gather in Tirana’s main square for the big Bayram prayer

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Tirana’s main square was filled with Muslim devotees today who gathered for the big prayer.

Fitr Bayram is the most important event for devotees after 30 days of fasting. Many of the people present on the square are giving the prayer for their first time.

Devotees say they have prayed and inherited the trust in God through the years. To them, religion is healing of the soul and being good to others. They pray for health and prosperity and to see a better Albania.

Among the thousands of believers, many people in need beg for alms as the only way to support their families. Prayers in the second year of the pandemic go to those who are sick, and to those who lost their lives to the virus.

An incident took place early this day when a devotee went among the crowd with a book of Quran in his hand and tried to set himself ot fire. Fortunately, he was stopped by the people who were present. The Muslim community declared the person suffered from his mental health.