Experts suggest easier anti-Covid measures as new infections drop

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Epidemiologists are recommending the Committee of Experts to remove some anti-Covid measures.  Expert Ilir Alimehmeti says masks should not be mandatory on the streets, while he proposes the removal of the 22:00 curfew, especially for citizens.

This recommendation comes due to the improved situation, as new infections have dropped significantly. However, Alimehmeti explains that masks should be removed only in open spaces without crowds. Citizens should remain careful about keeping their masks and distance in closed areas.

The last 24 hours marked the lowest level of new infections. This significantly improved situation, Alimehmeti says, is due to the fact that a significant portion of the population has already recovered from COVID, while many others were vaccinated.

The head of Infectious Diseases, Silva Bino, was against the decision of not wearing masks even in open spaces, especially in crowded areas. According to Bino, this could lead to the infection of people still not affected by the virus. 

Specialists are still being cautious about the effects of political rallies which violated COVID-19 measures during the electoral campaign.