US Ambassador: Time for justice, don’t get influenced by politics

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On the International Day of Justice, the US Ambassador, Yuri Kim, declared that the new justice institutions in Albania are working significantly.

“We all knew that the reform wouldn’t be easy or perfect, but it is progressing, step by step. We are looking at tangible results for the Albanian people. The public must be the one to benefit the most and directly. In the end of the day, justice and the rule of law should serve to he people”, Kim said in a speech held at the Justice Pole.

“The reform has made huge progress but there is a lot of work to be done. Albania remains determined in its path towards the EU. There have been hard discussions, but I hope you know that these discussions came from a friend. It is time to show that the pain of the judicial refor is giving its fruit and to not get involved by individual or partial interests”, Kim declared.