Presidency: The electoral process of April 25th is not over yet

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The Albanian President has reacted through his Spokesperson, Tedi Blushi, who declared that all electoral crimes must be resolved, and every ballot should be counted and recounted with transparency until the end, based on the electoral code.

“The electoral process is not over yet”, the Presidency declared, adding that prestigious international operations, who work with electoral standards, are giving clear reactions every day for the real truth of these elections.

“The government used the public assets and funds during the campaign in favor of its own interest. The population vaccination process was exploited in function of the ruling party. There was abuse with the personal data of our citizens”, the Presidency declared.

“All electoral crimes must be resolved without delay. All officials, from every level, who have consumed crimes and damaged the standards of the April 25th elections, must respond in front of the law.

“Every candidate who has won a Parliamentary seat through electoral crimes doesn’t have the right to sit in Parliament and represent the Albanian people. This is important, for the European future of the country. No theatrical move that tries to shift the attention away from it deserves our focus”.