DP reports more cases of electoral crimes

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The Democratic Party continues reporting what they consider a criminal vote-purchasing scheme from the majority. This time, their accusations are launched at Tirana’s Municipal Unit no.8.

The Democratic Party candidate, Belind Kellici, declared that for more than one month the DP has filed reports for “Active corruption during elections”, “Passive corruption during elections”, “Using threats and violence against voters”, “Illegal usage of ID documents’, against the citizens Aleksander Lipivani, Emiljano Dusha, Ardian Davidhi, Rexhep Spahiu, Marlind Shkreli, etc.

According to this report, the persons in question were organizing a proper criminal scheme by collecting ID cards in a café, giving away payments in exchange for a vote in favor of the Socialist Party.

The persons in question, according to the Democratic Party, are members of the public administration and businessmen who have benefited from public tenders.