Special Anticorruption Prosecution demands confiscation of real estate owned by the Habilaj

Moisi Habilaj

The Special Anticorruption Prosecution (SPAK) has requested the confiscation of the assets seized from the Habilaj gang, with a 82 million ALL value.

“The Special Anticorruption Prosecution, based on the anti-mafia law, has requested the confiscation of real estate in possession of Moisi Habilaj, Florian Habilaj and their families, worth 82 million ALL”, the Prosecution specifies in its press release.

SPAK filed their claims for the Habilaj Group, in Vlora, which was involved with the international drug traffic. SPAK demanded 18 years in prison for Moisi Habilaj, 15 for Nazer Seidi, 15 for Meridian Sulaj and Fatmir Minaj.

The Habilaj gang caused huge debates years ago, after the accusations that their leaders had ties with the former Interior Minister, Saimir Tahiri.