Eduard Selami: Failing to recognize the elections, an undemocratic move from the DP

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Eduard Selami, former leader of the Democratic Party,declared that not recognizing the elections would be an undemocratic and anti-Albanian gesture from the Democratic Party.

Selami was Lulzim Basha’s challenger for DP leader in 2017, when Basha froze his functions in the party.

One day ago, the DP leader gathered the party leadership. Sources at the DP told A2 journalist, Arestina Skenderi, that Basha declared that he would not recognize the elections.  

Sources quoted Basha of saying that the result is deformed and doesn’t express the people’s will. As long as it doesn’t, the DP will not recognize it.

Sources explained that this doesn’t mean that the Democratic Party will not be part of the Parliament, but they will contest the result with any possible way. Basha tasked the party local leaders to collect evidence for contesting the elections.