Defender Europe 21, Rama: A historical event for our relations with NATO

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In the opening ceremony of Defender Europe 21, the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, declared that this is a historical moment for the relations with NATO which fills every Albanian with pride but also responsibility.

“I am convinced that this exercise is much more than an important moment of our joint work, in function of increasing our capacities. I believe that this exercise is another important point in the further improvement of our relations.

We constantly consider these relations as excellent, btu the fact is that they could be even better thanks to the huge trust and a constant mutual interaction.

Our generation was raised for half of their lives with the idea that you should never set foot in this country. We were all filled with the propaganda of the past regime, with the conviction that you were the worst thing that could happen to the world. But in reality, it is wonderful for our generation, who had their lives divided between two worlds, an isolated and dark one, and this other, where we receive our friends and partners with great joy and pride, especially the American friends.

I want to believe that after your deployment in Albania, you’ll be affected by what happens to everyone else: they want to return again in Albania.

We must keep in mind that it is our obligation to pass on to the new generation this important trust, for the future of our country, of the world, and of all the countries that aspire freedom and democracy”, Rama declared.