Head of Emergency: A third wave expected in May after the electoral campaign and elections

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The violation of the anti-covid measures during the electoral campaign has increased the number of new infections.

The Head of the Albanian National Emergency declared that there have been more phone calls for COVID, more domicile visits, and there is a slight increase of the persons hospitalized.

“The National Emergency was receiving zero calls for tests. Now we are having 7-15 in 12 hours. There is a slight increase in the hospitalized persons. If we had 10-12, now we have 20 persons that are being hospitalized a day”, Brataj declared.

He added that the curve of new infections will keep growing until it reaches its peak in the third week of May. This will be felt especially in the rural areas, untouched by the virus.

“We need two to three weeks to see the increase coming from the electoral meetings. It will be lower than before but the failure to respect the measures is clearly showing it”, he declared.

The Head of the National Emergency was critical against all parties that ignored the anti-Covid measures in their campaigns.

Brataj explained that the wave expected in May will not be as aggressive as before as a considerable number of people have overcome the virus and some categories are continuing with the vaccination. There are no data about the Indian mutation, its aggressiveness, or its transmissibility. This variant has already arrived in Italy and Greece.