Four cousins arrested for attempting to suborn man into perjury

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Four people, relatives from the same family, were arrested by the police for threatening, violating and damaging the vehicle of a 38-year-old man, trying to suborn him into perjury.

Mirash Paplekaj, 46, resident in Torovica; Gezim Paplekaj, 50, resident in Lezha; Donald Paplekaj, 22, resident in Lezha; and jetmir Paplekaj, 29, resident in Bleran, Shkoder, were all detained and charged with the above-mentioned accusations.

The incident took place in torovica, where the four cousins have violated and threatened Ylli Kacoli, 38, from Kamza. He distributed a video on social networks showing a resident talking about buying votes in favor of the Socialist Party for 20,000 ALL per four votes.