President Meta: The result is still preliminary. The following ballot verification process should be transparent

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The Albanian President, Ilir Meta, appealed to all political parties to concentrate on the electoral process and keep counting the ballots, recounting each of them rather than analyzing the elections.

Meta said that it is important to conduct a very transparent administration of the electoral process from now on.

“There are all the possibilities that this is just a preliminary result. The counting process is not over yet. The complaints haven’t been filed yet. This doesn’t take place without declaring the election result. The political parties should not analyze the elections. They are over. They should focus the process of respecting every vote of the Albanian citizens. It is important to administer tis process with calm and maximal transparency. The boxes are now opened. The Commissioners, ballot counters and observers should now focus on this matter. So that the people keep going to vote without seeing their ballots invalidated due to tricks and calculations. It is unforgivable an dit should never happen”, Meta declared.

The President added that it is very easy to make an expertise on the invalidated ballots, which, according to him, are in large numbers and affect many Parliamentary seats.