“Legalization of buildings in exchange of votes”, DP publishes Whatsapp conversations of Minister Balluku’s staff

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 The General Secretary of the Democratic Party, Gazmend Bardhi, declared that every day new facts and evidence are coming out proving how Rama and Doshi stole the elections.

“The evidence that we are exposing today prove the electoral massacre. They were submitted at the Prosecution on April 12th and nothing has been done so far. What you see on the screen is a Whatsapp Group opened by order of Belinda Balluku, led by her adviser, Laureta Omeri. Through this person, Belinda Balluku executes the vote purchase scheme by legalizing buildings in exchange for votes. This Whatsapp conversation proves that for more than one month, the public administration has been serving to vote purchases. Evidence shows that the SP is giving legalizations in exchange for votes. These conversations have details of the addresses where the Socialist Party HQ has allowed the legalization before the elections, in exchange for votes. This shows the maps of the buildings, the names of the public administration workers that are implementing such criminal schemes for buying votes. It has the names of the votes and much more information”, Bardhi declared.  

“Since April 12th, 2021, the Democratic Party has made a report against Minister Balluku and her staff, accusing them of electoral crimes, power abuse and for forming structured criminal organizations. The Prosecution has done nothing to stop them, to prevent or to punish this clear criminal scheme for vote purchase in exchange of legalizations. This is a flagrant evidence proving how Edi Rama and Belinda Balluku are leading a criminal oreation for stealing votes. They are violating the law and they are using state resources to deform the people’s will and the election result. All Albanians know how Rama and Doshi used their gangs to steal the results of April 25th. Other facts will be published in the upcoming days”, Bardhi declared.