US Ambassador condemns declaration of President for “people to grab pitchforks”, Meta responds

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The US Ambassador to Tirana, Yuri Kim, stated that it was unacceptable that the Albanian President invited citizens to sharpen their axes and pitchforks to protect their vote.

“It is unacceptable for anyone to threaten that citizens will take up “pitchforks” on April 25 or if they don’t like the result of elections. These threats deserve condemnation. Those who incite violence will be held responsible for the results of their words and actions. Stop”, the US Ambassador declared on Twitter.

The President of Albania reacted immediately during an interview on Syri TV.

“I want to appeal to the US Ambassador to stop supporting Edi Rama. The US Ambassador asked me as President to accept Adrian Dvorani. She didn’t make that request on behalf of America, but on behalf o Edi Rama”, Meta said.

“I embrace the Ambassador and call her to stop interfering with Albania’s interior affairs. My advice to her is to stop meddling with the internal affairs of Albania in such a one-sided way. The declaration of Yuri Kim is a shame and I invite the Ambassador here in the studio together with Edi Rama to get a debate in front of the Albanian people”, Meta declared.