Electoral Crime, US Ambassador urges SPAK to investigate all cases

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The US Ambassador to Tirana, Yuri Kim, encouraged the Special Prosecution Against Corruption to criminally prosecute anyone who violates the law and deprives citizens of their right to vote freely.

Kim underlined that this includes also those who are engaged with vote purchase, intimidation or incitement to violence.

“We urge SPAK to prosecute those violating the law & obstructing citizens’ right to vote freely & in peace. This includes those engaged in vote-buying, intimidation, or inciting violence. SPAK is actively investigating election crimes”, Kim declared on Twitter.

SPAK declared early today that they have received a considerable number of reports from political subjects, citizens and judicial police regarding active and passive corruption in the electoral process.

According to SPAK, 55 reports have been filed so far, 32 of which are open and under investigation.

SPAK also announced that every case will be treated with seriousness and will receive a legal solution.