EU Ambassador: Avoid conflicting language, the EU is observing

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After meeting with the Chairman of the Central Election Commission, Luigi Soreca, the EU Ambassador to Tirana declared that the elections of this Sunday are very important for Albania and the EU is observing them very closely.

“We are here to discuss with Chairman Celibashi the preparations of the April 25th elections. The Commissioner told us about the progress that has been made so far with the preparation of the elections. He also explained to us the biometric identification system. Everything is almost ready. The Commissioner trust that everything will be ready for the elections. A very important aspect was the education of voters. We wish to congratulate the Commissioner on this matter”, Soreca declared.

“I appeal to the citizens to vote, to use their right to vote. This way, they will be voting for the future of Albania in the EU. These elections are very important and the EU is watching you very closely. Everything that happens not only in Tirana but in every district of Albania. You are the candidates country and we are taking into consideration launching the first inter-governmental meeting”, Soreca declared.

He asked the political parties to avoid conflictual speeches. “Our appeal goes to everyone to restrain themselves from conflicting language.