Turkish President greets the completion of the Fier Hospital

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The Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, greeted the opening of the new hospital in Fier.

Considering this “the hospital of our friendship”, Erdogan declared that Turkish has offered many contributions for the economic and cultural development of Albania, such as the assistance after the earthquake and the pandemic.

“In the ceremony of the opening of the Friendship Hosdpital, although virtually, I am happy to meet you right now. I want to congratulate you all for Ramadan. Let’s hope that this month brings you health, blessing and goodness, to my Albanian brothers and to the entire Islamic World. The Albania-Turkey relations continue to grow each day more, pushed by our common culture and history. As you know, Prime Minister, with the official visit of this December we were able to reinforce the relations between our countries, taking our strategic partnership in higher levels. This partnership will serve to the creation of other various cooperations”, Erdogan declared.