PwC Albania: Albanian companies optimistic about business growth

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2020 was a difficult year for the global economy and also for Albania, which faced the biggest crisis in the past decades. The pandemics paralyzed the business in many sectors, cutting jobs and putting the state budget in difficulty, by stopping public and private investment plans. This year has a better promise and everyone expects recovery, especially businesses, the main economic agent.

The perception of company executives in the post-covid economy, their vision for development, are reflected in the Price Waterhouse Coopers survey, a leader company in auditing services, as well as in financial, tax and legal consulting.

The results of this survey were today’s topic on A2 Business, which sheds light on how company leaders think the global and Albanian economy will improve. 5000 company executives from around the world participated in this survey. Their vision and thoughts were included in the Price Waterhouse Coopers survey.

Loreta Peci, director of PWC Albania, declared that the Albanian companies are optimistic about the growth of their businesses.

“66% belive in the recovery of the global economy, 76% believe that businesses will grow in the next 12 months. 80% believe that their businesses will grow in three years. There was optimism also in the number of employees. Over 43% believe that the number of employees in their companies will increase in the next 12 months. 68% of the managers believe that the number of employees will increase in the next three years”, Peci declared.

According to the PWC Director, Albanian companies see the health crisis as the biggest risk.

“The biggest risk perceived by businesses is the helath crisis caused by the pandemic. Only 9% would consider a pandemic as a risk six years ago. Another risk element is the change of the consumer behavior, a result of the health crisis. Uncertainty poses a risk, despite the optimism. This is a moderate optimism. The fourth element is the lack of specialized staff”, Peci declared.

According to the PWC Albanai Director, the government is required to focus on three things: “Bringing qualified workforce, providing an efficient tax system and an efficient infrastructure”.