President Meta holds extraordinary press release with strong declarations

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The President of Albania, Ilir Meta, appealed to the government and the Central Election Commission to remove the 14-day quarantine of Albanians arriving from Greece and North Macedonia.

According to Meta, this is an illegal and barbarian law that was imposed for political benefits by the party in power.

The President accused the Technical Commission of Experts of being manipulated by the government. He added that they have been hiding 10,000 COVID-19 deaths from the public.

Meta: Manipulation attempt with electronic voting at the Municipal Unit no.10 in Tirana

The President of Albania declared in front of journalists that one citizen informed him of a possible attempt to interfere with the election results in Tirana’s Unit 10, which will apply the electronic voting.

According to Meta, IT experts have shown that it is possible to manipulate the process.

“I refer to concrete technical information that I received for Tirana’s Municipal Unit 10. We receive dozens of information, video footage coming from citizens. I refer to the denouncement made by a citizn at Municipal Unit 10, where the electronic voting will be applied. IT experts say that there are methods possible to make the manipulation. Celibashi said that it is impossible”, Meta declared.

Meta: If Rama gets 71 seats, I will give him the Presidency as well

The President declared this Wednesday that he is ready to give up is post if Edi Rama wins 71 seats correctly in the elections of April 25th.

Meta threatened the Prime Minister with consequences if he tries to touch the free vote.

“Police must do its job. I will give them a list of the wanted persons who are protected by the police. The state captured by the mafia should do its job. I don’t want a single drop of blood or tears in these elections. If Rama wins 71 seats democratically, I will give him the presidency as well. If he touches one single vote, there will be no place for him to hide”, meta declared.

President Meta: Fier Mayor must go to prison for removing SMI banners, the men and women of Fier must prepare their spades and pitchforks

The President of Albania, Ilir Meta, declared in an extraordinary press release that the Fier Municipality had removes the banners of the Socialist Movement for Integration.

Meta called this a shameful and banal act. He said that the Mayor of Fier must go to prison for the severe violations of the electoral code.

“Ruci is a dirty provocateur who is trying to damage the elections of this Sunday. I appeal to the men and women of Fier to prepare their spades and pitchforks if their votes are touched. They force the SMI militants to go out and create trouble, to build the idea that the SMI is trying to ruin an electoral meeting of the Socialist Party by order of the President”, Meta declared.