“Albanian business ready to be part of global progress”

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Avni Ponari, director of the Sigal Uniqa Group Austria, declared on A2 Business that the future of business seems more positive.

“The future seems more positive. Every big storm is followed by the sun. In this aspect, the future of all markets will go through positive changes. Businesses are getting closer to a digital world. The crisis has created many possibilities and new spaces. I think that the business in Albania is ready to be part of this global progress”, Ponari declared.

As regards the insurance culture, Ponari declared that Albanians will remain loyal to leaving things in the hands of fate.

The insurance industry consumes 35 EUR per capita today. In the neighboring countries it is 3000 EUR.

As regards the government’s role in business, Ponari declared that the government is always very important in any type of industry. It plays a major role also for the qualification of workers.