Epidemiologist Taulant Muka: Covid situation in Albania, far worse than officially declared

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Epidemiologist Taulant Muka declared today on A2 CNN that the situation with COVID-19 in Albania is worse than what has been made public by the authorities.

“The situation in the country is normal, as if the coronavirus doesn’t exist. However, Albania has had 10,000 more deaths this year than one year ago. Usually 20,000 die in a year in Albania, and this year we have had 30,000 deaths. This is an alarming number. The responsibility falls on the administering authorities and the government. I don’t agree with extreme isolation, but this doesn’t mean that we should act as if there was no virus”, Muka declared.

The Albanian Ministry has announced that 2342 persons have died so far due to COVID-19 complications. He accused the Committee of Technical Experts of not being able to analyze the data and come up with a scientific product.

“We must understand that the committee has been used. The decisions were first taken by politicians, and later were discussed at the committee”, Muka declared.