First foreign tourists start visiting Albania

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The first foreign tourists are already visiting Albania. Kristofer and Violeta, a couple from Poland, have chosen Vlora and Albania for a few days of vacation, although the summer season hasn’t startd yet.

They are visiting Albania for the third year. This time they have also visited Saranda, Ksamil and Durres.

Violeta confirms that she hasn’t had any issues due to the pandemic, while she enjoys staying in Albania.

“It is the third time that we visit Albania. We love this country. It is beautiful. The people are welcoming and we will always get back. We also visited other cities, like Durres, Ksamil and Saranda. We saw beautiful places. We arrived from Montenegro. After Albania we are going to visit Turkey. We traveled to several Balkan countries and we enjoyed our stay. Vlora is a beautiful place”, She said.

The temperatures are not warm in Albania at the period. However, this hasn’t stopped several tourists from visitng the country. The tourist season has already started, although not officially.