DP: One year moratorium of fines for small and medium businesses

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The Democratic Party has signed an agreement with the association of small and medium businesses for “reviving” the economy.

Basha made several promises, which were detailed for A2 News by Eno Bozdo, a member of the Democratic Party leadership.

Bozdo declared that with the Democratic Party in power, the inspections will be done without the right to put a single fine until the current “terror nest” is placed under control, due to the corruption of this government, as he called it.

“We signed a cooperation memorandum with the association of small and medium businesses. This is one of the most important agreements signed by the Democratic Party. We think that only real assistance to businesses will allow the country’s economic development. This agreement treats all issues and implements the philosophy of the Democratic Party. Small and medium businesses will be inspected in two to five days a year, not more than than”, Bozdo declared.