Albania starts vaccination of patients with dialysis, transplants and chronic diseases

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The Albanian Health Minister, Ogerta Manastirliu, declared that the authorities have started the vaccination of persons with dialysis and of those who have received transplants.

According to Manastirliu, the vaccination will be done in dialysis centers throughout the country.

“We have started the dialysis vaccination to follow the security conditions. The vaccination will be done at the dialysis centers, in order to guarantee a quick process. We are also starting the vaccination of persons who have made transplantations and who have chronic diseases”, Manastirliu declared.

The minister announced that 190,000 senior citizens have been vaccinated so far. Within the month, if things follow this rate, the Minister says that they will achieve 500,000 vaccinations on a national scale.

Albania has received 396,560 vaccine doses so far. But through various agreements, the government has secured 2.1 million doses.