Justice Minister Etilda Gjonaj on Absolut 4: “Every party has its voters’ database”

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The Minister of Justice, Etilda Gjonaj, was tonight’s guest on A2 Absolut 4, as candidate for the Socialist Party in Tirana.

Gjonaj said that the majority doesn’t feel tired after eight years, and is working for the citizens the same as the first day.

“Citizens are motivated and they also raise questions, make suggestions and become part of the program for resolving issues”, Gjonaj declared.

When asked about the accusations of the opposition, which said that the Socialist Party has obtained personal data from e-Albania to pressure people, Gjonaj said that every political subject in Albania has a database of its voters. She invited anyone who has doubts to address the respecting institutions.

“It is regrettable that media outlets and their representatives jump to conclusions by saying that the data came from e-Albania. Every political party has its database regarding its voters. The Socialist Party has created its data in 2008 and they do get updated. All subjects have received information by knocking on doors. Whoever says there is a violation, could address the issue to the competent institutions”, Gjonaj declared.