Head of National Emergency: A third COVID-19 wave expected due to political meetings

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The head of the Albanian National Emergency, Skender Brataj, was today’s guest on A2 “Dtari”. Brataj foresees a third wave of the COVID-19 in Albania, due to the fact that political parties are not respecting the social-distance measures.

“They are not respecting the measures. There are constant meetings. I am concerned by the fact that the COVID-19 is being spread in small town and remote villages that were almost untouched. The third wave will never be like the first one, or the second. It will be widespread, but not like what we saw from November to March. I am concerned by the fact that the political parties are not taking any measure”, Brataj declared.

“My appeal goes to citizens. We cannot be this irresponsible. The consequences will be great. Israel, the first country in the world as regards vaccination, still has a high number of deaths. Even if you have taken the vaccine, it’s not excluded that you could spread the virus”, Brataj added.  

Brataj said that all vaccines that are being administered in Albania (Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Sinovac) have a 70% efficiency. Brataj said that 14 days after the first dose, the Chinese vaccine offers a 50% protection.