Albanian health authorities: Sinovac reduces severe cases, we’ll continue the campaign

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After Chinese experts confirmed that the Sinovac vaccine has low efficiency, the Albanian authorities declared that the population immunization will continue.

For Erida Nelaj, any vaccine, also the Chinese Sinovac, reduce the severe cases of COVID-19 and the number of deaths.

“It’s out of the question to suspend it. We have data coming from Turkey. Every vaccine has the objective to reduce hospitalization. We need to get vaccinated to stop the spread”, she said.

Despite the skepticism towards AstraZeneca, Albania will not suspend that vaccine either.

Public Health Specialists say that the vaccines have given only the side effects that were expected, such as fever and body aches. Citizens who have received the first dose have been infected after neglecting the measures.

“It takes one month for the antibodies to be created, that’s why they should keep being vigilant”, Nelaj declared.  

Albania will continue to administer two doses for every type of vaccine, according to the protocol determined by producers.