April 25th elections: Basha visits Bulqiza, promises Miner’s Status within the first 6 months of his government

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The Democratic Party leader visited the town of Bulqiza where he promised to give them the Miner’s Status within the first six months. According to him, this is the least they can do for miners since this is their right.

“We know how much suffering is coming from the Bulqiza Mine and the  Ballsh oil rigs. I am here today to announce one of the main changes that my government will bring. I want to reiterate that every Albanian miner, his family, and their children, for the unions of miners and retired miners, that within the first six months the government will approve the miner’s status based on the European principles”, Basha declared.

“This is the least we can do for you, your children, for their education, and for guaranteeing their lives. The status will turn into reality within the first six months. I will remove the toll at the Nation’s Road. The first obligation of those who win the elections will be to maintain the given promises. I am here today to ask for your vote because the miner’s status will be guaranteed with the Democratic Party and the next government”, the opposition leader added.

He invited citizens to join him on April 25th to bring change and guarantee their future in Albania.