Rama from Gjirokaster: The Kukes airport will open in a few days

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The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, declared from Gjirokaster that the Kukes airport will open within a few days, and the construction for the Vlora airport will begin soon.

“We will sign the latest contract for beginning the construction works at the Vlora Airport. After that, we will begin with the bids for the Saranda Airport. This investment will open more jobs. It is important not to get tempted by beautiful promises”, Rama declared.

In a meeting with Gjirokastra youth, Rama explained why the work of the Socialist Party should not be interrupted.  

“We have a vision which is coming to life. We will keep working on it. The bringing to life of this requires time and a lot of hard work”, the Prime Minister said, adding that his government faced two catastrophes: the earthquake and the pandemic.

The Albanian Prime Minister underlined that Albania is putting its natural resources and heritage at work. Investments in tourism, agriculture, hydropower plants, and airports will increase employment in the country and the living standard.