Tirana International Airport, what is the solution?

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Albania’s air transportation has been isolated for the past 24 hours. No airplane can land in the “Mother Theresa” International Airport. The air-traffic controllers have interrupted their work under the argument that their salaries have been reduced in the past year. An unprecedented situation has been created at the airport, with citizens waiting with their suitcases, while others had to stay in the air for longer, as they couldn’t land in the airport.

In a live interview for A2 Business, controllers were asked about the possible solution.

“We are waiting for solutions and negotiations. The ministry didn’t try to communicate with us. They are trying to divide us. We are open to sit and negotiate at any time. We sent letters to every possible institution. The management team of Albcontrol, the respective ministry, the Prime Minister, the President, and the US Embassy. We demand our colleagues back at work after they were fired, and the removal of a board decision that was taken one year ago”, the controllers declared.

According to law expert Jordan Daci, the agreement cannot be changed unilaterally. The status of the company must be reviewed urgently, together with the way how it operates.

Economic expert Bardhi Sejdarasi thinks that a solution would be to have 50% of the controllers back at work, in order to continue with the flights without interrupting one of the most important activities in the country. “If they have issues with the agreement, they can resolve it at court”.

Air transportation expert Dritan Goxhaj underlined that this conflict can be resolved in an administrative way.