Air-Traffic Controller on A2: We would have compromised safety if we had kept working under stress

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One of the air-traffic controllers, Eni Mehja, declared in a live interview with A2 Business that he and his colleagues have not put the national security at risk. According to him, they would have put the national security at risk if they would keep working under stress.

“The situation goes on for a year. As air-traffic controllers we are devoted and well-trained to do our job. Everything that has been said today was expressed abusively. Our job is to offer safety for the airlines. We would have compromised this safety if we had worked under stress. I have declared temporary incapacity to work, which is a standard procedure. If an air-traffic controller feels stressed, it is his right to declare the temporary incapacity. He must show up at his place of work but should not work with the frequency”, Mehja declared.