Albania attracts foreigners who work from home

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There are 13,500 foreigners who are living and working regularly in Albania.

Some of them who are on their first visit can learn about the country through their relatives. But for most of them, it is necessary to have a guide.

Danisa Kaca Bradley, a Canadian-Albanian who has returned in 2013, does this job for the past seven years. In 2012 she opened the Expats in Albania, a social media group used to help anyone who has questions about Albania.

According to Denisa, foreigners chose Albania to live and work. Their number has increased constantly, even during the pandemic. Most of them come from North America and Europe. They come as part of companies or non-profit organizations. Others are part of a new world trend, the nomads.

Taking a residential permit in Albania is a very simple procedure that can be done through the employers. But there are others who take advantage of other alternatives offered by the law.

Although Albania’s image around the world is still weak, foreigners have positive experiences in our country, according to Denisa.