Kurti warns of new elections if Vjosa Osmani is not voted President

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It seemed like the political crisis had been resolved in Kosovo, but it just went deeper. The Parliament hasn’t created the necessary quorum for voting Vjosa Osmani as the new President. In this situation, Prime Minister Kurti has a warning.

“Those who don’t want to appoint the President, those who don’t want a President and who are undertaking a special war against her, they could take the country to new elections. It is up to them: either 80 votes for Vjosa Osmani, or more than 500,000 votes for the Self-Determination Movement”, Kurti declared.

His reaction came after a harsh debate with the opposition in the parliamentary session for voting the attendance of the Kosovo Diaspora in these elections.

The Self-Determination Movement confirmed that the next session will be held for the appointing of the new President.