Committee finds Chinese vaccine effective, Dasho: Superficial and irresponsible investigation

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The Committee of Experts for the Evaluation of Adverse Vaccine Effects came to the conclusion that there are no cases of vaccine-related fatalities.

The Committee is composed of pharmacologists, immunologists, infectious disease specialists, allergists and public health specialists, chaired by prof.dr. Gjeorgjina Kuli/Lito.

The two patients who died after receiving the vaccine did not lose their lives because of f the vaccination process, according to the committee.

The Committee underlines that there are no data or scientific arguments to prove the connection between the deaths and the vaccination.

Rama: The Chinese vaccine has been very successful

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, declared that the Sinovac vaccine has been very successful and it is taking Turkey out of the pandemic tunnel.

“No one should fall victim to the hyenas. The Sinovac vaccine is very successful. It is actually taking Turkey outside the pandemic tunnel. This vaccine has been the favorite of the rich Middle Eastern countries as well. This vaccine has not entered the EU for other reasons that are not our problem. We are interested to end the pandemic in Albania and save our grandparents, the persons with chronic diseases, from this nightmare”, Rama declared.

Dasho: A superficial and irresponsible investigation from the Committee

Dr.Erion Dasho, today’s guest on A2’s “Ditari”, considered the investigation of the Committee of Experts as very superficial. He said that they Committee lost its credibility. According to Dasho, the Chinese vaccine lacks the certification of trusted organizations, such as EMA and FDA.

“We must turn ourselves to vaccines that are certified by EMA and the FDA, and other organizations that are trusted to the Albanian citizens. We don’t have certifications for the coronavac. There is a superficial investigation from the Committee, which has lost its credibility to the Albanian people. We cannot trust this investigation carried out by an incapable committee”, Dasho declared.

He underlined that Albania doesn’t have the scientific capacities to investigate. He considers a total irresponsibility the fact that the Committee of Experts came to this conclusion. For him, Albania should had followed the model of EMA, which suspended the vaccination process as soon as there were doubts on AstraZeneca, in order to protect its citizens.

The fact that Albania changed its approach regarding the Russian and Chinese vaccines, which are received through media declarations that cannot be trusted, should be considered alarming, according to Dasho. He declared that it is an obligation for the government to suspend the vaccination with the Chinese vaccine for a few days.  

For Dasho, the approval of the Chinese vaccine was made by the Albanian Prime Minister as a political move during the electoral campaign. The vaccines, according to Dr.Dasho, should be approved by technical experts, a capacity that Albania does have.

He accused the Committee of Experts of refusing to listen to critical voices because they want to give the impression of a successful country, while it is quite the opposite.