Chinese vaccine takes six weeks to build immunity but has no side effects

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Doctor Aurora Meta Dollenberg, today’s guest on A2’s “Ditari”, said that the Chinese vaccine takes more time to create immunity from the coronavirus, but it leaves no side effects and has a low risk for causing health troubles.

“Of course, a Chinese product doesn’t have the image of a German and other European products, especially a biological product that will be injected to the body. I understand Albanians who feel afraid”, Dollenberg declared.

However, she sees this as a positive step towards mass vaccination, seeing the “stingy behavior” from the EU as regards vaccines.

“We know that the Chinese vaccine doesn’t have the EMA patent, but China is in Asia. They see themselves as comparable to Europe and the USA. China doesn’t always submit to the European authorities. But based on the statistics, this vaccine has been administered in 70 countries of the world. Its efficiency has been proven to be from 50% to 80%”, Dollenberg declared.

“The statistics in Turkey, if not falsified, give us hope that we could have a similar efficiency in Albania, at around 60%-70%”, Dollenberg added.