Health expert: Chinese vaccines not widely used in EU and USA, but many Asian countries and Turkey have administered them successfully

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Erida Nelaj, Head of the National Program for Vaccination at the Public Health Institution, declared in a live interview with A2’s “Ditari” that the Chinese vaccine has been certified by its local regulators.

“The regulators in China and Russia are very strict. Hungary, an EU member, has also obtained the Chinese vaccine. Although it has not been used massively in the EU and USA, the Chinese vaccine has been used widely in Turkey and the UAE. Even Asian countries such as Thailand and others have applied the vaccine. Not every vaccine has the EMA and FDA certification. It is up to the producers whether they want to apply for certification”, Nelaj explained.

“We cannot expect the luxury of the EU. They work as a group and have other means for securing Pfizer and Moderna vaccines”.

“It is important for us to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine from Covax, but they might also bring Pfizer. The population should undergo mass vaccination and we must not lose time waiting”, Nelaj declared.