PPP in the health system, €37 mln for 4 concessions

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Rama’s government was the first one to include the Public-Private Partnership agreements in the health sector, arguing the urgent need for investments in equipment and services that couldn’t be covered by the state budget.

There are 13 PPP currently in Albania, four of them in the health sector: the check-up system, the sterilization of surgical equipment, the dialysis services, and the lab, recently.

These four contracts will receive 4.6 billion ALL from the state budget, or 37 million EUR. This is one third of the entire concessions for 2021.

The most expensive contract is the one regarding sterilization, which will take 1.7 billion ALL from the state budget. The lab concession will take 1.28 billion ALL for 2021. The check-up and dialysis will have mln 876 and mln 779 each.

These payments come at a time when the country is undergoing a health emergency caused by COVID-19. It is still uncertain when it will be over. These four concessions don’t have any direct connection to the pandemic.