Opposition leader Lulzim Basha holds video conference with EPP Chairman Weber

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The Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, continued online video meetings with EP high-level officials. Yesterday, Rama reacted to Basha’s videoconferences with EU Commissioners by considering them interference with Albania’s internal affairs.

Basha’s conversation today was with the Chairman of the European Popular Parties at the European Parliament, Manfred Weber. The meeting focused on the main topics and concerns of the Albanian opposition during the electoral campaign.

Basha underlined that for Albanians, the most pressing issues for the moment are the bad economic situation, the high cost of living, unemployment, and emigration.

“Citizens are disappointed after eight years of Rama’s government. These were eight years of stagnation with the EU integration process. Albanains want change. But they know that change will come only when our country progresses with the EU integration. Unfortunately, the past eight years not only had no progress, but there were also steps back in terms of corruption, fight against organized crime, and the rule of law”, Basha declared.

EPP Chairman, Manfred Weber, noted that the April 25th elections are vital for Albania’s European future and its integration in the EU.