Kosovo PM, Albin Kurti, hopeful for Vjosa Osmani’s presidency

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The newly elected Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, paid homage to the grave of Ibrahim Rugova, Kosovo’s historic political leader, on the 22nth anniversary of NATO’s bombing in Serbia.

Kurti declared that the new Parliament will hold very soon the session for voting Vjosa Osmani as President. The Prime Minister is convinced that Osmani will receive the necessary support.

As regards the government, the Self-Determination Movement said that his party did not need the opposition parties for forming the government, but their role is decisive for appointing the President. The Constitution of Kosovo provides that 2/3rd of the Parliament’s votes are needed in the first two rounds for the elections of the president, and 61 votes, a simple majority, in the third one. But the session should be attended by 80 MPs.

Albanian Prime Minister congratulated Albin Kurti

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, sent a congratulation message to his Kosovo counterpart, Albin Kurti, Kosovo’s newly elected Prime Minister. Rama congratulated Kurti and reaffirmed his determination to intensify the relations between both countries.

The Albanian PM underlined that there are all the possible chances to undertake important and bold projects between Kosovo and Albania.