North Macedonian census of utmost importance for Albanians, Deputy PM visits Tirana

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The population census has brought the Deputy Prime Minister of North Macedonia to Albania, Artan Grubi, who asked for the support of Tirana’s officials in the registration of Albanians in Macedonia, which Grubi considers a process of utmost importance.

The second person in charge of Skopje’s government was received by the Diaspora Minister, Pandeli Majko, who said that the vital census would condition the future of North Macedonian Albanians.

“The census is not just a bureaucratic detail, but also a process related to justice. If Albanians are more than 20% of the population, they will have the right to their own language.

Grubi received support also from the Albanian opposition leader, Lulzim Basha.

During his visit to Tirana Grubi also met with the Parliament Speaker, Gramoz Ruci, and President Meta.