Albanian doctor in the US: Accelerated vaccination to stop new variants of COVID-19

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Albanian doctor in New York, Skender Murtezani, declared on A2 News that the vaccination process must continue and that it is very important for stopping the virus.

According to Murtezani, if we don’t stop the virus, there could be a new variant that might resist the current vaccines.

“The acceleration of the vaccination is extremely important. We must continue with it. We are very hopeful right now because the vaccines are effective on all the variants”, Murtezani declared.

“I proposed to follow the variants in our country as well. Unfortunately, if we don’t stop it in time, the new variants will be more frequent. There could be one that could resist our vaccines. This is why we need to follow social distancing, hygiene, wearing masks, etc. A new variant could take us to square one, just like in January”, he said.