Rama explains why Kosovo health professionals have to be vaccinated in Albania

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250 doctors from Kosovo have arrived in Durres, where they will take the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, was present in the process. In this meeting, Rama revealed why the vaccines had to be taken in Kukes and couldn’t be delivered in Kosovo.

“We have notified the Kosovo Health Ministry that we are ready to contribute. The contracts with the vaccine companies are very strict and do not allow re-exporting. This is the reason why when we received the first quantity from a friendly country, we couldn’t mention the name of that country”, Rama declared.

“In Kosovo’s case it would have been evident and we could be facing grave penalties. I have always suggested or them to come to Kukes so that this city can serve as a joint base”, Rama declared.

The Prime Minister added that Albania will keep vaccinating all health professionals in Kosovo if Kosovo will not be able to obtain vaccines in a shorter time.

“The Health Professionals of Kosovo will not be alone. There are 11,000 essential workers and we are going to vaccinate all of them if Kosovo will not be able to obtain its own vaccines”, Rama declared.