Basha visits Berat, appeals citizens to vote the Democratic Prty

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The Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, visited the city of Berat today, where he mentioned the increased oil price and the fact that young Albanians have decided to abandon their country in the past eight years.

“We will not allow this accident called Rama to empty Berat”, he said.

Basha reminded Albanians why they should vote for the Democratic Party in the elections of April 25th.

“This is not a battle between me and Rama. This is a battle for your families, for retired citizens, for farmers. We cannot go on like this. Berat is being abandoned by its youth. Albania is being abandoned. We cannot go on like this. On April 25th you will be voting for your economy. You will be voting for this enterprise that you have built with your tears and sweat. You will be voting for your children, for the children of your children. Or are you going to vote for a bunch of oligarchs and a Prime Minister who is holding us hostage? This is what the April 25th elections are about”, Basha declared.