UK specialist: Astrazeneca, no issues after 17 mln doses in Britain. Rama: Ready to vaccinate citizens over 60

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Laidon Shapo, a public health specialist in London, declared on A2’s “Ditari” that AstraZeneca hasn’t had any issue in the Great Britain.

“We have administered 17 million doses in the UK and there hasn’t been any case of thrombosis. It is interesting that Germany had seven cases in 1.6 million vaccines. As any other vaccine, AstraZeneca has light, medium and severe side effects. EMA is studying the case and we are very interested on the response”, Shapo declared.

Albania is continuing with the vaccination. The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, visited the city of Shkdoer today to attend the vaccination process of teachers, accompanied by Health Minister Ogerta Manastirliu.

Rama said that very soon they will start vaccinating every person above the age of 60. He also accused the opposition of violating the anti-Covid rules during electoral meetings, although there hasn’t been any fine set so far.