Parliament passed a law that allows vaccines from other countries, Chinese Embassy ready to negotiate

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The Parliamentary Commission of Laws passed two government orders that authorize negotiations for the purchase of Russian and Chinese vaccines, and their usage among the population.

The government orders Health Minister Ogerta Manastirliu and Reconstruction Minister, Arben Ahmetaj, to negotiate with countries that produce vaccines that haven’t been certified by the US or EU agencies.

The Chinese Embassy in Tirana, responding to an inquiry made by A2, said that the entrance of the Chinese vaccine in Albania depends on several technical issues. But they added that if the Albanian side is interested, they could contact directly with the respective Chinese companies.

“China supports with determination its international cooperation for the COVID-19 vaccine. China and Albania enjoy a traditional friendship. The path for cooperation between both countries is open. Albania can communicate directly with the Chinese companies that produce the vaccines. The Chinese embassy is ready to offer the necessary assistance. It is a pleasure for us to see Albania obtain enough vaccines through various ways. Our desire is to offer the necessary support”, the Chinese Embassy declared.