Education Minister: Teachers can choose to take the vaccine later

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The Minister of Education, Evis Kushi, declared on A2 News “Dita Jone” that teachers can decide to do the vaccine now or at a second moment.

“I am very happy that we started the vaccination process. Teachers are a priority because they are taking risks and are making sacrifices. It is up to them to decide whether they want to receive the vaccine now or at a second moment. There could be teachers that have already recovered from COVID. The doses are enough to cover all teachers and university professors. They are all certified and we are monitoring every teacher”, Kushi declared.

The Minister promised that there will be another raise for the salaries of teachers.

“We have issued three raises for the salaries of teachers, with a total of 32%. The objective is to raise them by 40% within the next term”.

As regards the “Pact for the University”, an agreement reached by the agreement for improving the conditions of students after the latter carried out a very long protest, Kushi said it is an objective for the government.

“We have kept the promise to employ the student of excellence. We have rebuilt university residences throughout the country. We started a project for the Tirana University Campus, but it was delayed by the earthquake and the pandemic”, the Minister declared.