Kosovo elections certified by CEC, Kurti’s party won 58 out of 120 seats

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Kosovo’s Central Election Commission certified the results of the February 14th early elections. Albin Kurti’s Self-Determination Movement has won with 50.28% of the votes, which gives them 58 out of 120 seats.

The Kosovo Democratic Party took 19 seats, the Democratic League of Kosovo 15, the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo 8. The smaller parties representing minorities are divided as follows: Serbian List, 10 guaranteed seats; Turkish Democratic Party of Kosovo, 2 seats. The remaining parties have won one seat each: the Vakat Coalition; the New Democratic Party; The Gorani Party; the New Democratic Initiative of Kosovo; the Ashkali Party for Integration; the Roma Initiative, the Kosovo Progressive Roma Movement and the Social Democratic Union.

The new certification of the results came after complaints were filed by several candidates at the Supreme Court and the Electoral Panel for Complaints. After this certification, the Constitution provides that the President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, must summon the first parliamentary session within 30 days.