Albania will keep using the Astrazeneca vaccine, despite skepticism

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Albania will be open to the Astrazeneca vaccine, while several countries have currently suspended it. The decisions were taken due to some deaths that could be related to complication caused by this vaccine.

Silva Bino, Head of the Infective Departme at the Public Health Institutie, says that there is no scientific data proving that the fatal thrombosis was caused by Astrazeneca.

Italy and Austria have currently suspended the vaccine. Despite the skepticism, Bino said she doesn’t fear this vaccine, since it has passed all clinical tests.

Albania will soon start vaccinating people over 56. Bino supports the application of the Chinese and Russian vaccines as well. According to her, these vaccines have given good results against COVID-19.

One day ago Albania decided to be open to any country that produces vaccines, including China and Russia. Albania has received 32,000 doses from the Pfizer vaccine so far, and 38,000 from AstraZeneca.