Public Health Institution: Albania is monitoring every vaccinated person

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Silva Bino, Head of the Epidemiology Department at the Public Health Institution, declared on “Ditari”, A2 CNN, that our country is studying the effectiveness of the vaccine among health professional, in cooperation with the WHO, the Boston children hospital, the Harvard Public Health School, etc. Bino said that every person that has been vaccinated is being monitored weekly.

Bino was asked about the fact that several countries in Europe are banning the Astrazeneca vaccine. This decision was taken after identifying several fatal complications.

“There have been 30 thromboembolic incidents after applying 5 million doses around the EU. Only 30 people have reacted with such accidents, in 5 million doses. The EU committee of experts has held meetings and they haven’t found any connection to the vaccines”, Bino declared.

Bino declared that Albania will complete the first report of the vaccination by the end of the year. As regards the green light given by the Albanian government for the Russian and Chinese vaccines, Bino said that this decision was taken based on data that prove that they are safe and effective.