Opposition’s list of candidates, new names combined with older contributors

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Edi Rama, Monika Kryemadhi, and other party leaders are running in several Albanian districts for the April 25th elections. In contrast, opposition leader Lulzim Basha is only running in Tirana.

The opposition approved the new list of MPs by removing some names from the list of 2017. These names included Romeo Gurakuqi, Halim Kosova, Lorenc Luku, Xhemal Gjunkshi, Florion Mima, Endri Hasa, Luçiano Boçi, Genc Pollo, Hekuran Hoxhalli, Klevis Balliu, and Andon Frrokaj.

Some names were disqualified by the Commission for the Vetting of candidates. However, DP made an exception for other names that were not recommended by the Commission: Tritan Shehu, Ervin Salianji, Nadire Macorapaj, Izmira Ulqinaku, Lindita Metaliaj, Luan Baci, etc.

The smaller allies forming the Alliance for Change

The most favored allies were from the PJIU (Party for Justice, Integration, and Unity). They had safe posts in Tirana, Durres, and Fier. Their main candidates, Shpetim Idrizi and Mesila Doda were in a promising ranking.

Fatmir Mediu, from the Republic Party, also received a safe spot in Tirana. Vangjel Dule from the United for Human Rights Party was ranked 11th in Tirana. Dashamir Shehi was 13th; Agron Duka second in Durres; Nard Ndoka eighth in Shkoder, etc.

The candidates with the best positions are Jorida Tabaku, Albana Vokshi, and Edi Paloka. The opposite happened with Oriola Pampuri, Aldo Bumci, Flamur Noka, Gent Strazmiri, etc.

The new names from the Democratic Party are Ivi Kaso, Agron Gjekmarkaj, Flutura Acka, Ina Zhupa, Oriela Nebiaj.

PM Rama reacts to the Democratic Party list of candidates

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, reacted to the list of the Democratic Party. Rama considered it “the confirmation of fossilization”. As for the Socialists, Rama said it was a powerful list that was promising change.

“The Democratic Party team was disappointing even for me. I don’t think this was the best the DP could do. This is despite the difficult situation created by leadership that lacks character. As for the Socialist Movement for Integration, that’s a list for the Special Prosecution”, Rama declared.

Tabaku on A2 News: Most contributing candidates combined with new names

The second person ranked on top of Tirana’s list for the Democratic Party, after Lulzim Basha, was Jorida Tabaku. She commented on A2 News that the persons on this list have given a real contribution to the party.

“Today’s team has offered an extraordinary contribution in the past. On the other hand, they are also combined with new names”, Tabaku said. “The persons in that list are the ones who will bring back normality to our country”, Tabaku declared.